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Koi Carps

Koi fishes are extremely beautiful, colorful species from the Amur Carp family. Commonly kept as ornamental fishes, Koi fish has a rich historical background. Derived from their Japanese name, Nishikigoi, Koi fishes are referred to as “swimming jewels” of a pond. Koi are temperate fish water fish and can adapt to temperatures between 45-95F. With over 100+ varieties, Koi are divided into 16 groups based on their breeding types.

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When it comes to their feeding needs, Kois prefer eating algae, insects, worms, seeds, and small plants that they procure from the bottom of the pond. Herbivore tropical fishes like Koi and carp can be fed with similar options including wheat bran, fish food, brine shrimps, and other fish meal options available in the market. Kois being opportunistic feeders, enjoy hunting along the edges of the pond and can also feed on other small fishes in the pond.

Feeding Koi Carps

Promeal Recommended Products for Koi and other tropical fishes

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