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Welcome to Pro-Meal.

Promeal contributes to global challenge of food security by offering an effective, natural & sustainable solution: producing more food with less.

At Promeal, we believe in harnessing the latest technology to produce the ingredient of the future: insects. We are the market leader when it comes to verifiable and scalable insect breeding. To change the food system, we need to deliver a quality product and a reliable output. Insects like BSF, Mealworms, Crickets are key players in bringing our vision to life: they provide us with a unique source of protein for food and feed! With high-tech solutions, genetic improvement programs, and robotics, Promeal brings the food system back in balance with nature.

Farm Standards

We at Promeal are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality standards and providing the best quality feeder insects for your pets. At our facility, we ensure all the safety and quality measures are met and you get superior quality products.


Through extensive research and moderation, we have adopted live insect farming processes that consistently improve the health and nutritional value of insects. While ensuring a reliable production and supply of live and dried feeder insects, we take utmost care in testing our insects for any pathogens and bacteria and ensure effective preventive measures are taken against the same.


All our products are packaged in clean and air-tight containers ensuring optimum hygiene levels. We disinfect our facility frequently and see to it that none of the live or dry insects pose any harm to you or your pet. 

Why choose Promeal?


Freshness guaranteed!

We ensure you get the freshest stock of both live and dried insects and that they are they provide optimum nutrition to your pet.

Hassle-free feeding experience

We have specially designed containers that help you store and feed insects to your pets without any hassle. Our containers do not just come with worms, but a feeding guide, a tracker card, and a worm picker such that you need not touch the worms.

100% organic and safe for consumption

We feed a strictly organic diet to our worms which makes them totally safe for consumption for your pets. The entire process of raising insects at Promeal is natural and free from any chemicals.

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