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Medley Treat Insect Mix for Aquatic Turtles

Medley Treat Insect Mix for Aquatic Turtles


We at Promeal understand the importance of diversifying your pet's diet to increase the overall nutrition and quality of the diet and reducing the likelihood of developing life-threatening nutritional diseases. Promeal's premium dried mealworms and superworms are grown on an organic diet and are a superior treat for your pets. We recommend using this treat in conjunction with our premium turtle pellet diets.


Worms and Insects are natural prey for aquatic turtles, reptiles and fish because they provide a high source of protein. Promeal's Medley Treat mix is a convenient way to offer this high protein treat without the hassle of dealing with live insects

    • Crude Protein (Not less than ) 58%
    • Crude Fat (Not Less than) 12%
    • Crude Fiber (Not More than ) 7 %
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