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Promeal Live Black Feild Crickets (Teleogryllus) - High Protein Treat Food For A

Promeal Live Black Feild Crickets (Teleogryllus) - High Protein Treat Food For A


Indulge your pets with Promeal Live Black Field Crickets, the ideal high-protein, nutritious treat for your beloved pets. Specially grown on a wholesome organic and GMO-free diet, our crickets provide an abundant source of essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals. This nutrition-rich treat promotes health and vitality in your pets, supporting their overall growth and well-being.

Our live crickets are perfect for a variety of pets across all life stages, including aquarium fishes, birds, reptiles, and rodents. Particularly favored by Arowanas, Oscars, Parrots, Geckos, Bearded Dragons, Frogs, and Hedgehogs, these crickets offer an enticing treat that stimulates natural hunting behaviors and keeps your pets entertained.

Not only are our Black Field Crickets a nutritious and engaging treat, but they're also a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice for pet food. Delivered in secure and well-ventilated packaging, our crickets arrive at your doorstep alive and full of vitality, ready to serve as a nourishing meal for your pets.

Choose Promeal Live Black Field Crickets for your pets and trust in our commitment to superior quality, reliable supply, and excellent customer service. Make every mealtime an enriching and exciting experience for your pets with Promeal.

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