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Promeal Live Live Darkling Beetles (Tenebrionidae) - High Protein Treat Food For

Promeal Live Live Darkling Beetles (Tenebrionidae) - High Protein Treat Food For


Give your pets the nutrition they deserve with Promeal Live Darkling Beetles. As an excellent source of protein, fiber, and moisture, these beetles provide the essential nutrients your pets need to thrive. 

Ideal for a wide range of pets, including aquarium fishes like Arowana and Flowerhorn, birds, reptiles, monkeys, and more, Promeal Darkling Beetles are a delightful and nutritious treat that promotes growth, enhances color, and contributes to overall health. Our beetles are suitable for pets of all life stages, making them a versatile choice whether you're a breeder, pet owner, or an exotic animal enthusiast.

Promeal's Live Darkling Beetles are raised on a Non-GMO, organic diet, ensuring that your pet is receiving a wholesome and high-quality treat. By choosing Promeal, you're making a conscious choice for your pet's diet and the environment. 

But our beetles do more than just meet dietary needs. They also engage your pets' natural hunting instincts, promoting physical activity and simulating behaviors they would exhibit in the wild. This not only contributes to their physical health but also enhances their overall well-being and satisfaction.

Easy to store and maintain, Promeal Darkling Beetles are a hassle-free choice that takes the stress out of caring for your pet. The sturdy and resilient nature of these beetles makes them a long-lasting food source that can withstand various conditions. 

We at Promeal are dedicated to providing only the best for your pets. With our Live Darkling Beetles, we aim to enhance the lives of your pets with nutrition-packed treats that keep them happy, healthy, and satiated. Choose Promeal for a responsible and eco-friendly choice in pet care. Your satisfaction, and the health of your pets, is our guarantee. 

Please note: Always consult your pet professional or veterinarian to understand the specific dietary needs of your pet. Ensure to provide a diverse diet for your pet for their overall well-being. 

Promeal Live Darkling Beetles - for a nourishing treat your pets will love!

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