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Promeal Live Silkworms (Bombyx mori) - High Protein Treat Food For Aquarium Fish

Promeal Live Silkworms (Bombyx mori) - High Protein Treat Food For Aquarium Fish


Treat your pets to a feast of high-protein with Promeal Live Silkworms. These silkworms, also known as Bombyx Mori, are a perfect nutritious snack for pets of all life stages. Whether it's your aquarium superstar Arowana, a vibrant Flowerhorn, an exotic bird, a curious reptile, or an adorable monkey, our live silkworms serve as a delightful feast.

Raised on an organic, non-GMO diet, our silkworms are a high-quality source of essential nutrients for your pets. They offer an abundance of protein, essential for the healthy growth and vitality of your pets. This, coupled with regular exercise and a balanced diet, can help keep your pet fit and active.

Our silkworms are also an eco-friendly option, adding an environmental responsibility aspect to your pet's feeding regime. Live feedings engage your pets' natural instincts, keeping them mentally stimulated and physically active. The product comes in secure, well-ventilated packaging to ensure the silkworms' safety during transit and easy storage in your home.

At Promeal, we're committed to your pets' well-being and your satisfaction. Our Live Silkworms are not just a meal; they are an experience, promoting your pets' natural behaviours and ensuring their nutritional needs are met. Trust Promeal for responsible and high-quality pet care. Please consult your pet professional or veterinarian to ensure your pet's dietary needs are being met appropriately.

NOTE: Silkworms are perishable and should be kept refrigerated when not being fed to your pet. Always supervise pets during feeding and remove any uneaten food.

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