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Promeal Insect Larvae Frass

Promeal Insect Larvae Frass

SKU: 21554345656

Product: Pro-Meal Rejuv Golden Organic Frass


  • Premium grade insect frass
  • Bursting with beneficial biology
  • Long lasting organic nutrition
  • Natural biostimulator


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  • Pro-Meal Rejuv Golden Organic Frass is a 100% naturally-produced potting soil enhancer that confers a whole host of biological benefits to your plants. Pro-Meal Frass will stimulate robust plants growth, improve root zone conditions and create vigorous high yielding plants.

    Contains naturally occurring activators of plants' immune response, elevating defense against bacterial and fungal diseases. Contains a well-balanced proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with good availability and long-term supply.

    Promotes a healthy biological presence in the growing media, improving nutrient cycling and availability as well as improved root growth.

  • We offer to ship across India and guarantee that our live insect products arrive live. You will be entitled to a replacement or refund if found otherwise. We do not offer refunds and replacements in any other case. 

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