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Toucans & Hornbills

Hornbills and toucans look incredibly similar. However, they aren’t closely related. They have a characteristic, distinct bills adapted for reaching fruits and probing into tree cavities for insects, and nests of other birds.


These birds feed primarily on fruits, but they also hunt actively for small animals like snakes, lizards, bird nestlings and eggs, beetles, and insects. In captivity, their diet should be supplemented with live foods for complete nutrition.


Studies have shown that the wild diets of these animals consist of up to 20% arthropods; which includes insects, spiders, centipedes, beetles, lobsters, crabs, and millipedes. Members of the toucan family require low-iron feeds. Insects make an excellent feed addition as it also acts as enrichment. These birds have frequently been observed tossing insects to mates as a part of courtship before mating.


During the breeding season, in particular, they will take large amounts of insects for protein. These birds spend a large amount of their wild time foraging for insects in tree barks and nests, thus live feeders can keep captive birds active and enriched. The insects that can be offered include mealworms, super worms, crickets, grasshoppers, hornworms & BSF Larvae.

Feeding Toucans & Hornbills

Promeal Product Recommendations for Toucans and Hornbills

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