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Insect Frass

Naturally produced potting soil enhancer for optimum growth in plants. Promeal’s insect Frass is packed with all essential micronutrients that stimulate plant growth. With Promeal’s insect frass, your plants grow faster and stronger with improved root zone conditions and the disease-fighting response thus giving you higher yields. 

What makes Promeal’s insect frass best for your plants?


  • Perfectly balanced proportion of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium which provide a long-lasting supply of all essential nutrients to your plants

  •  Improves the availability of nutrients in the soil to promote a healthy biological growth

  • Naturally elevates the immune response and strengthens the disease defense system in plants

  • Is 100% organic and chemical free in nature and comes in easy-to-apply powdered form


Natural insect frass made from 100% premium quality natural insect wastes that act as a natural biostimulant and provide long-lasting organic nutrition to plants. 

How to Use?

  1. Read the information and instructions on the pack carefully

2. Mix an adequate quantity of frass with water​

3. Use water as a medium to apply the fertilizer to the potting soil

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