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Pheasants & Peacocks

Peacocks and pheasants belong to the same family, Phasianidae. They are best known for the male’s extravagant tail, which it displays as part of courtship. These forest birds nest on the ground. These birds are omnivores and therefore feed on both plant and animal matter. They, however, consume more plant material compared to animals.


In the wild, during autumn when there is an abundance of insects induces breeding behaviors in these birds. In captivity also breeders increase live foods to get the birds breeding. Studies have shown improvement in the number of eggs and the health of chicks with diets having insect protein.


Chicks feed more on insects than plants as they require protein for rapid growth and development. They can reach weights of up to 225 grams in a week from primarily feeding on insects.


Pheasants and peacocks enjoy eating a large variety of insects, such as earthworms, snails, praying mantises, grasshoppers, spiders, butterflies, and many more. Insects are rich in protein that aid in the growth of and maintenance of their plumage. You can just toss the insects in the bird's enclosures and they will spend time searching and nipping them out.

Feeding Pheasants & Peacocks

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