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Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets?

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets?
Bearded Dragons Good Pets?

Bearded dragons are generally friendly animals as long as they are given the right care and treated kindly. Although beardies are not cuddly, they have a mild temperament and are easy to handle. Their easy-going nature make bearded dragons great pets for both the beginner reptile owners and, under adult supervision, for kids as well.

Once you set up the right environment (correct temperature, lighting, UVB, diet, etc.), bearded dragons are relatively easy to take care of. As long as you keep them healthy, hydrated, in the right size environment, which is kept clean and with the correct equipment, then you will keep them happy and healthy, which is when they can be themselves, as in friendly, tame animals with a great personality.

Another reason to keep bearded dragons as pets is their longevity. Bearded dragons can live into their late teens in captivity, compared to 5 - 7 years in the wild.

Finally, their size of max 18-22 inches makes them perfect for keeping in your home as they will be perfectly happy in their vivarium for the majority of their time. However, you can still get them out every day for up to a few hours and let them explore the room under supervision; they’ll enjoy exploring their environment and finding their favorite spots.

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