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Mealworm Frass - World's best organic fertilizer

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Insect farming is expected to grow in the next few years and this will also lead to generating high quantities of frass. Mealworm frass is what's left over after the worms eat wheat bran. This 'poop' is a dry, sand-like substance that makes a great, cheap fertilizer! Frass contains all the natural elements to make your soil rich and productive without any chemical ingredients.

Meeting an ever increasing food demand while reducing agriculture’s negative environmental impact is one of the greatest challenges of the twenty-first century. We need to search for other protein sources in order to reduce exploitation of agricultural land for increased food demand. Rearing insects for mass consumption is increasingly sparking interest due to their high nutritional value and, most importantly, their resource efficiency when converting organic matter, especially waste, into protein. This is also producing the insect and mealworm waste which is called as frass and which is found to be highly nutritious for soil.

Frass deposition to soil has a great impact on soil fertility due to its high nutrient

and labile C content. Chemical characterization of frass reveilles that it has concentrations

of N, K and P as high as those found in farmyard manure and, especially, poultry manure, which confrms its high fertilizer potential. By contrast to conventional mineral fertilizer, frass also contains small concentrations of micronutrients (i.e. Cu and Zn), which may be further benefcial for crops.

Frass has a layered structure and uniform distribution of nutrients (P, K and Ca) within the frass organic matter, suggesting the absence of isolated mineral phases which might potentially drive nutrient release by frass. Thus, the release of nutrients by frass after its incorporation into soil should be homogenous and possibly more extended than fertilizers in which nutrients are unevenly distributed. also frass is rapidly decomposes in soil in an early decomposition process which provides rapid mineralization of the soil, which is highly beneficial for crops. Most importantly, the presence of frass may increase microbial metabolic activity and diversity, suggesting a better soil functioning, especially when frass is combined with mineral fertilizers.

Therefore mealworm frass is 100% natural, organic fertilizer which is highly effective and cheaper in price as well could be a best fertilizer for the soil in world.

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