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Mynahs & Softbills

Softbilled birds are omnivorous, they love to eat fruit as well as dine on insects, baby birds, small rodents, etc in wild. These birds need a proper balance of proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water in their diet. The ideal nutrient rate for these birds is a mix of 18 percent protein and 8 percent fat with a small percentage of iron.


These birds can readily develop iron storage disease; therefore, low-iron foods are the most suitable. During the rainy season in there is an abundance of fruits and insects, which plays a role in triggering breeding activity. Hence in captivity, the supply of live food can be increased during the breeding season to stimulate nesting. 


Which insects are good for softbills? Because insects make up a huge chunk of these birds' wild diets almost all insects can be safely fed. Both dried and live insects are good for mynahs. Dried mealworms are not as enrichment to birds as live mealworms though they are ok to feed and are suitable, easy to store, and easy to feed.


During the breeding period, insects are chosen by the parents for feeding their young ones. This is because live worms are filled with protein, and they are full of moisture - which is essential to the survival of young ones in the nest. This is because clearly, the liquid they get is solely from food the parents bring them. Insects are also high in protein about 50- 52%, required for healthy growth and thus to help ensure that as many young birds as possible survive to become adults.

Feeding Mynahs & Softbills

Promeal Recommended Products for Softbills and Mynahs

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