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Superworms FAQ

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Live Superworm
Live Superworm

What Are Superworms?

Superworms are the larvae of the Zophobas Morio beetle, which is a species of darkling beetle. They are a common live feeder for insectivorous and omnivorous species of reptiles, amphibians, and more. They are popular due to being relatively inexpensive, easy to house, and easy to find. They are slightly high in fat compared to some other feeders, so for some species, they may be specified as a treat.

Nutritional Information for Superworms:

  • Moisture 57.9%

  • Protein 19.7%

  • Fat 17.7%

  • Ash 1.0%

  • Fiber 2.7%

  • Calcium 177mg/kg

  • Phosphorous 2370mg/kg

Are Superworms the same as Mealworms?

No. Superworms are the larval stage of the Zophobas Morio beetle, mealworms are the larval stage of the Tenebrio Molitor beetle, so they are two different bugs. However, they are both species of darkling beetle. They look similar but have distinct differences, the superworm is generally larger than the mealworm and has dark brown bands toward the head and the tail, whereas the mealworms and lighter and more plain in color. Superworms are also more nutritious per insect and contain less chitin; mealworms are known for having more chitin making them more difficult to digest.

What substrate should I use for my Superworms?

Superworms should be kept in a product such as uncut oat bran, and they will bury themselves in the bedding and also ingest it.

Why are some of my superworms white?

Superworms shed their outer shell as they grow. When they have freshly molted, they will appear a creamy white color and are very soft; many species prefer them like this as they are easier to digest. They will return to their normal color within a few hours.

What can I feed superworms?

Superworms are not fussy; they will pretty much eat whatever you give them. They will consume the bedding that you choose for them, but this will not make them as nutritious as they can be for a feeder. You can use pre-packaged commercial products to gut-load them or feed them salad items such as butternut squash, sweet potato, collard green, mustard greens. You can feed them fruit, but be aware that this can be messy and attract fruit flies.

Live mealworm
Live mealworm

How do I gut load Superworms?

To gut-load your superworms, you can use commercial products that are made to provide a range of nutrients that will be passed onto your reptile. You can also feed them salad items you would safely feed to your pet of choice to pass the nutrients from the salad into your superworms, making them more nutritious for your animal.

How do I feed superworms to my pets?

Since they only have very tiny legs, superworms are easy to feed to your animal. They can be easily held with tweezers or tongs or if you are brave enough and used to them your hands, and hand-fed to your reptile or whichever animal you have. They can also be added to a bowl, and since they cannot climb well, they won't escape as long as the container is tall enough.

Should I add supplements to superworms before feeding them to my pet?

If you have a supplement schedule for your pet and it is time for one of their supplement feedings, then yes. Usually, you can throw some superworms in a bag, add a pinch of the powder you need to add, and shake the bag up, which will evenly coat the superworms, then you can feed them to your pet as usual.

How old does my pet have to be to eat Superworms?

Superworms can generally be fed to any age animal, as long as they are a recommended feeder insect for them. You will need to make sure that you use the appropriate size for the age of your pet, for example, if you have a baby/juvenile, then you may need to use extra small/small superworms if you have an adult, then medium/large may be more suitable for your pet.

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