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Why You Should Feed Your Chickens Mealworms

Mealworms? Those squirmy, squishy, crawling little things? Why would you want to have anything to do with them? Because they have major health benefits for chickens and, by implication, for you. Explore now our mealworms breeding guide to learn more about these little cuties.

A veterinarian will be able to help you identify the most important meals for your chickens, and then you can feed them accordingly.

mealworms are one of those meals that can be very nutritious for the cluck-cluckers, so it makes a lot of sense to feed them to your chickens from time to time.

They may not look very appealing to you or me, but from a chicken's point of view dried-out mealworms appear as tasty as a house-prepared meal prepared by a person you enjoy.

Mealworms aren’t just bugs that enter into your chicken feed supply– they are likewise helpful food resources for your flock!

Certain, they might not look very attractive, but these delicious nibbles will certainly improve the overall health of your flock.

It’s enjoyable to see them run around the chicken lawn in hot pursuit of wriggly mealworms, as well as usually, just a couple of can goes a long way.

They Are Full of Protein

Why You Should Feed Your Chickens Mealworms

Your chickens need around 16% protein to stay healthy, and mealworms can provide that.

Pullets and younger chickens will need even more protein, so you can offer them even more than one protein. It’s essential to have a bag with these worms when you feed them to your chickens.

These worms are great for chickens because they help them grow strong and they will have a lot more energy. Stick to the recommended serving size, don’t overdo it.

Molting Aid

Feeding your chickens a mealworm from time to time can be great for molting. Chicken lose old features during the fall and spring.

This process is normal, but it can get out of control. Thankfully, mealworms will give all the necessary protein to replace those old feathers.

More Nutritious Eggs

The diet of your chickens will automatically impact how many nutrients you can find in these eggs.

You will notice that chickens on forage and the occasional mealworm are healthier, and their eggs will have a lot more protein, minerals, and vitamins.

It's an important aspect to consider if you plan on raising chickens for eggs.

Chickens Love Them

Chicken enjoy eating a mealworm from time to time. No wonder since this is a very nutritious meal and it’s combined really well with the usual food that chickens tend to have.

You Get to Vary Their Diet

Just like people, chickens need a varied diet to stay healthy. We’ve already talked about the best chicken feed.

But a mealworm here and there will indeed make a huge difference, and all you have to do is to try it.

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